Booctt professional gaming rating

In addition to private property, the Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center ( Booctt professional gaming rating) has long been exploring the company’s accounts. Even so, Booctt professional gaming rating felt account of a political party ( political party) is still difficult to trace. The reason is, because the accounts of political parties because it is not a corporation,

“Now the issue is whether the person is acting on behalf of a political party because Article 6 requires that person to act for and on behalf of the corporation, then the benefit to the corporation,”said Head of INTRAC M Joseph, in a money laundering discussions with reporters, at Sahira Butik Hotel, Jl Palegang, Bogor, West Java, on Wednesday ( 11/27/2013 ).

He added if the corporation itself, including that it is difficult to trace. Under Article 143, paragraph 2 letter a Criminal Code, there must be identity of the indictment requirement.

“Full name, address, gender, what corporation ? Kan difficult. Secondly, to be represented by one of the administrators. Want it does not sit as a defendant would not, shame on the family,”he added.